Stop eating and start meditating


Many people meditate for a variety of reasons, whether it is because they are stressed at work or simply because it helps them to enjoy everyday life. One of the popular reasons in today’s world for meditation is because it has been proven to help people lose weight. The weight certainly isn’t going to drop off after every meditation, but it is known to help greatly over a set period of time. If you know of friends and family members that meditate but you haven’t ever thought about doing it yourself, now is a good time more than ever to jump on the bandwagon. It’s a common fact these days that people are eating more and more junk food, with no thanks to the variety of different foods that are getting released onto the market on a daily basis. It’s important to stay focused and not eat everything in your path, and to do this, meditation helps greatly.

What is meditation?

Meditation is more or less designed to not only make people feel better about themselves, but it is also proven to keep people in line when they are craving for food. It helps people think about things in more detail, for example with food, people will think about how the food got to them, all the hours people have laboured in fields and factories to provide for their own families just to get the one bit of food in front of you. It helps people appreciate the little things in life and is proven to provide stress release on a variety of levels. Meditation helps people transform their mind, and when it comes to food, it helps them realize they don’t need to eat loads to fund their eating habits, they look at eating completely differently and that is one of the many ways meditation works.

Do I need to be religious to meditate?

This is a common question when people first begin to meditate and the simple answer to that is no – you can be as religious as you want and meditation still works wonders. All you need to do is grab a towel and yoga mat, then find a quiet place and relax, no temples or churches required. You will find that a lot of people who aren’t religious at all still meditate and they still find it works for them, and it can work for you too. Meditation was originally used by Hindus in the 5th century, and was later used by Buddhists – so it just goes to show that even though it was originally used by the people that are much more religious, it doesn’t mean you have to be religious at all to perform what some people describe it as an “art” taken advantage of by millions worldwide.

How can meditation benefit your weight loss?

Meditation is all about keeping yourself in control of your emotions. If you have an addiction, such as eating food, meditating can greatly help by keeping you in line and on top of your addiction. You will find that by meditating the right way will help you in terms of not wanting to eat and obviously not eating as much is going to greatly increase your chances of losing weight.

How much weight can I lose from meditating?

Of course, meditation offers absolutely no guarantees in terms of losing weight, and it certainly can’t guarantee a certain amount of weight loss – but it is proven to help people looking to cut down on junk food. Meditation is only going to help those that believe it will work, and it is up to the person meditating to keep fit and exercise as much as possible to make them feel even better – meditation is only going to work as much as you let it.

In conclusion, by meditating, you don’t have to completely stop eating, but meditating whilst you are looking to lose weight is going to greatly increase your chances and you will find you will lose weight a lot quicker than just exercising alone. You will still need to eat healthy and well, just not as much food as you usually consume on a daily basis – meditation is there to cut the cravings out so you don’t feel you need to get your daily fix of unhealthy food consumption.