The Beginings of Indian Food


Indian cuisine is internationally popular thanks to its wide range of dishes that provides a variety of foods from sweet deserts to extremely spicy curries. Many people eat curries in restaurants around the world thanks to the Indians that have managed to take their variety of foods worldwide and setup shop in different areas. You will find that no matter where you are in the world, you will be able get an Indian takeout as and when you please. Indian cuisine has been doing the rounds in a variety of countries for years and it is one of the most popular types of food around thanks to its diverse dishes that can be made with hundreds of different recipes.

Indian food might be well-known for their spicy curry dishes, but they are also well-known thanks to their ability to make some of the most delightful appetizers around. You will find a lot of Indian restaurants make some of the tastiest of deserts and some of the best side dishes to go with any Indian meal. Indian dishes are made with a variety of ingredients from spinach and cinnamon to vegetables and other herbs – so you can be sure you are going to taste a variety of ingredients with every mouthful of food.

When the British first came to India during the days of war, they were surprised to see that different parts of India cooked the same food, but differently – so differently that it would often look completely different even though it was classed as the same dish. India is a very big country with a population of 1 billion so it’s easy to see why many of the same dishes are made in a variety of ways up and down the country. A lot of Indian dishes are vegetable based because they were the ingredients that were easy to get hold of back then, many locals would grow certain vegetable patches and then swap their vegetables with other locals around their town so everybody was catered for regardless of their tastes.

Indian food is well-known for its sweet dishes and seeing as half of the Indian recipes are made from sweets and deserts makes this statement a lot more believable. Even if you aren’t a massive fan of spicy food, Indians have made such a variety of dishes that many of them are sweet enough for the people that can’t cater for the hot spices, which is why Indian food is well liked by a variety of people. The Indian war brought a lot of the British and Indians together and that is why so many Indian dishes are found in the UK and in other western countries – it is the much preferred type of food because it provides so much variety, it is actually able to cater for so many people that usually wouldn’t even touch a curry.

In conclusion, the origin of Indian foods came from a long time ago when Indians didn’t have much choice but to put together the vegetables and rice they had available to them. This type of cooking quickly turned into the main source of food in India because curries are very easy to make and consist of a variety of foods that wouldn’t usually be used in other dishes. Indian cuisine is so versatile in the sense a great curry can be made out of very simple ingredients, and it is up to the cook to decide on what goes in them and how complex they are. A lot of chicken and beef was introduced to some curries and that later made Indian cuisine even more popular among the local people.

Photo provided by Sixtybolts